USMC Coyote Tan military boots

United States Marines require footwear that meets the strict requirements of the military. The current Marine Corps uniform requires an 8 inch standard height boot for maximum protection in the field. In order to be USMC approved, each boot needs to feature the Marine Corps’s anchor ankle of emblem on the outside keel of each boot. These boots also need to be coyote tan in color to match with the current MCCUU or Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform in order to be uniform compliant.  USMC Coyote Tan military boots can be purchased at your local base exchange or directly from one of the top combat boot manufacturers. US Marines operate in maritime environments where the ocean meets land. There amphibious operations often times require footwear that is waterproof and durable so that they can successfully carry out their mission. There are many different manufacturers of Marine core boots on the market. The top brands today are made by Belleville, Rocky, and Bates. All of them feature the Marine Corps’s logo on the outside heel of each boot. The anchor and globe logo is permanently stamped on the outside of each boot to comply with USMC uniform standards and demonstrate that these boots are made in the US of top-quality materials and workmanship. Marines often engage in athletically inclined or physically challenging environments where running, jumping, and crawling are normal events. This type of use requires top-quality gear, uniforms, and boots that will hold up to punishment so that you can successfully complete your training or mission.

Professional Military Tax Preparer Online

For the brave men and women serving in our military services, we know that at times the thought of doing your taxes is about the last thing on your mind. The problem is that most tax preparation agencies are unaware of the hardships that many service members face especially when called for active duty or stationed abroad. Fortunately there is a military tax preparer that has a long and positive history working for our fighting men and women. No matter what branch of service you are a part of or where in the world you may be stationed at, OnGuard Taxes has dealt with tax preparation of both state and federal taxes for years and is current on all military tax laws and codes. As an added bonus the company offers FREE state tax reviews for active military individuals and with the company’s knowledge you can count on the fact that your taxes will be performed correctly every year and therefore you can focus on more important issues at hand. If you would like to find out more information pertaining towards getting your taxes completed then simply click on the link provided in order to be transferred to the company’s website.

Plaques and Military Shadow Boxes Online

Plaques and Military Shadow Boxes Online

For the individuals that wish to provide an honorary plaque or shadow box to a service member or public servant will be happy to discover the company that we found that provides professional grade plaques for all armed forces and the unique companies within those services. Hand carved and hand painted, excellent quality like nothing else in the world. We actually were able to get a preview of how the entire process of producing say Marine Corps plaques was accomplished and it is this process and the immense detail that goes into the creation that lets you know that the end product is one that will be passed down for generations to come.

With an impressive list of prior projects completed, we see that the company has earned a reputation for being able to provide many impressive products made from wood. And with the ability to ship worldwide is an impressive measure that allows foreign businesses and individuals to take advantage of this unique business. If you are interested in Army, Navy, Air Force or Marine Corps plaques then take a moment to visit the company’s website so you can see just how incredible the craftsmanship and wide range scope of products offered are. Made of cured and treated mahogany is just one sign that the company is working to provide the highest utmost standards when it comes to commemorative products.

If you are looking for a way to encompass all the memorabilia that went along with the service members time in the service, then you may wish to look at the many different military shadow boxes.  Shadow boxes are made to allow you to display items in a way that adds class and protection to the items. With larger and thicker or odd shaped items such as uniforms, Marine Corp sword, side arms, or anything you wish will be placed in a box and protected by glass and will make for an appropriate way to display the memorabilia. The first step is to decide what all items you would like to store in your shadowbox and then you can follow the steps from the company in order to get the proper measurements and then you can choose what types of background colors you would like as well as the type of frames used and if you wish to have any custom work done such as adding your rank insignia on the outer frame or if you would like the company’s seal placed on the it. The truth is that you can have thousands of different options when it comes to military shadow boxes and therefore it should be time that you look into customizing your own. To learn more about all the different items you can get made then simply click on the link provided in order to be transferred to where you can learn all the information you need and soon you can enjoy the beautiful custom work.

Help a Fellow Soldier Start Her Business

Help a Fellow Soldier Start Her Business

As a soldier of the United States military, you are well aware that it’s important to help you own.  Whether a fellow soldier’s family runs into financial problems or if another soldier has some sort of post traumatic stress disorder it’s important to help them out to the best of your ability because they are similar to family.  It is also important to support your fellow soldiers.  If you’re a soldier of the United States military and wish to help a fellow soldier while getting a great service in return, be sure to look into the Pivotal Force Indiegogo fundraising campaign.

This Indiegogo fundraising campaign was started by a former woman marine.  She honorably served in the military in the early years of womens’ service.  Pivotal Force is a documentation company in Bellville, TX and will offer all types of documentation services such as document creation including editing, Microsoft Word desktop publishing, indexing, PowerPoint presentations, and technical writing.

The woman in charge is in need of capital to furnish her office and to hire a staff.  In return, she is offering discounted documentation services and pubic appreciation.  Supporting her in this project is a win/win because you will be able to support a fellow member of the military while receiving a great, discounted service in return.

The Story

The began with the idea of providing the fastest and most convenient Self Storage and Moving service in the world. We found that there was a need for a much more convenient and cost effective storage and moving solution. A solution for consumers who don’t want an entire Self Storage unit. Consumers that have just a single box or a few boxes of items, they need to keep secure. We wanted the new service to be much more convenient than Self Storage.
 We are asking a simple question to the people who need storage and moving services.Do you really want to go to a Self-Storage Warehouse today?

We believe that for many of our customers the answer is no, they would rather have their hectic lives be more convenient. We want to define ourselves as the “Self Storage and Moving Alternative”. Not “Self Storage,” rather… “Personal Storage and Moving”.  Ship2Storage’s personalized service includes picking-up, storing and retrieval of our customer’s items 24 hours a day seven days a week.  This makes it the most convenient storage and moving service in the world. Our customers simply send us their items to be stored in any size box they want, and we store them in a clean secure facility for as long as they like. We provide moving and storage services for students, military, luggage shipping and storage for travelers, document storage, records management, ect. ect. ect. Anyone who needs to send something to a safe storage and then get it returned to them at a later date.

Cheap box storage rates starting at $2.79 per month

Our closet is bigger than yours…. and we want to help.

Get Financial Relief Through

Get Financial Relief Through  

Let’s face it. At this very moment, there are tons of military veterans out there who are really struggling to make ends meet.  They have mortgages to pay, families to feed, and are barely scraping by each month.  Not to mention, they may be dealing with various psychological and physical traumas after bravely serving our country.  These treasured veterans should not be overlooked or taken for granted!

With all this in mind,  I’ve been researching a veteran-focused mortgage company who may save veterans hundreds of dollars every month on their VA mortgage.  Apparently, thousands upon thousands of thrilled customers in 24 states across the country can attest to how great this company is. It was through their limitless online testimonials, analyzing their company mail pieces and looking through their website that I clearly see what incredible services (MIC) provides the American veteran community.

MIC has been offering veterans refinance services for the past 75 years and has successfully refinanced more than 350,000 VA mortgages! As mentioned, I got a hold of a few of their mail pieces, and was floored by what I saw. At first I didn’t believe their claims that customers could close in as little as 8 to 10 days and receive an escrow refund from their lender, but after looking through their testimonials, I realized this really does happen.  What an incredible breath of fresh air to know there is a company out there who can help the veteran community!

It turns out that MIC’s philanthropic efforts are quite impressive when it comes to helping military veterans.  To give you an example, they are the #1 sponsor of an organization called the Veterans Airlift Command (VAC), donating $250,000 to them in 2012.  VAC provides free air transportation to wounded military veterans so that they can get the special medical treatment and other compassionate services they desperately need. I actually found out that the owner of MIC donated his very own personal jet to VAC.  Wow! Now this is a company I would want to work with if I was a veteran.

Here are the main highlights I found on the VA rate reduction program:

  • Thanks to the Federal Reserve, can offer you very low-interest rate funds. They are currently the lowest they have been in 75 years, so take advantage of them!
  • A VA authorized direct lender ,they will not require any income verification, equity, qualifying debt ratio or perfect credit
  • They will not require a home appraisal or pest inspection
  • You may be able to lower your monthly mortgage payments in as little as 30 to 45 days
  • You may be able to enjoy in-home closing in as little as 8-10 days
  • It gets better…the VA refinance program may even allow you to skip your next mortgage payment and receive a refund from escrow from your current lender!

If you didn’t receive an MIC mail piece, do not fear! You may still qualify for their program, as long as you have a current VA mortgage and you are up-to-date on your mortgage payments. You don’t need a mail piece to take advantage of their fast, straightforward program and extremely low interest rates. Try giving the MIC team a call to find out what kind of savings they may be able to offer you at 866-659-2477. They can provide you with approximate monthly savings right on the phone.

You can always visit their website, to get a better sense of their impressive company firsthand. I urge military veterans across America to reach out to this company  today.  Who knows? You may find yourself looking back at the end of the year smiling knowing how much money you saved!


China’s Exploitation of Natural Resources

China’s Exploitation of Natural Resources

China has a long history of exploitation of natural resources around the world.  With the amount of their possessions adding up and and their huge financial growth over the years, you would think that they would be more courteous but by exploitation of the world’s natural resources, they gain more and grow larger.

With the Amazonian forest cleared in Ecuador, mountains demolished in Peru, and the conversion of the Cerrado savannah into soyfields in Brazil, China seems to benefit due to their demand for commodities.  Recent development of oil fields in Venezuela are thought to also contribute to China’s wealth.    The bad thing is, China has become the main lender to these regions which doesn’t give them a lot of choice.

Not only has Latin America been exploited but China has recently started mining nickel deposits in Zogam which has strongly been condemned by the Zomi tribes and government.  The World Zomi Congress continues to fight China and their exploitation of the Zomi people.  Without anything being done, China is likely to destroy more areas of the world for natural resources.  This has been a huge problem for many decades and something must be done.

Jemo is a Great Read

JEMO is a Great Read, and asks, “What really happened on July 25th, 1946?”
If you’re a fan of fiction based on actual events, JEMO is definitely a great read for you! This story has a believable plot line, with characters that will keep you interested and entertained. But to better appreciate what the author is about to do for you, let’s ask, “What’s OPERATION CROSSROADS?”
Operation Crossroads was an atmospheric nuclear weapon test series conducted in the summer of 1946. The series consisted of two detonations, each with a yield of 23 kilotons:
1. ABLE detonated at an altitude of 520 feet (158 meters) on 1 July
2. BAKER detonated 90 feet (27 meters) underwater on 25 July.
It was the first nuclear test held in the Marshall Islands.
The series was to study the effects of nuclear weapons on ships, equipment, and material. A fleet of more than 90 vessels was assembled in Bikini Lagoon as a target. This target fleet consisted of older U.S. capital ships, three captured German and Japanese ships, surplus U.S. cruisers, destroyers and submarines, and a large number of auxiliary and amphibious vessels. Military equipment was arrayed on some of the ships as well as amphibious craft that were berthed on Bikini Island. Technical experiments were also conducted to study nuclear weapon explosion phenomena. Some experiments included the use of live animals.
The support fleet of more than 150 ships provided quarters, experimental stations, and workshops for most of the 42,000 men (more than 37,000 of whom were Navy personnel) of Joint Task Force 1 (JTF 1), the organization that conducted the tests. Additional personnel were located on nearby atolls such as Eniwetok and Kwajalein. The islands of the Bikini Atoll were used primarily as recreation and instrumentation sites.
Before the first test, all personnel were evacuated from the target fleet and Bikini Atoll. These men were placed on units of the support fleet, which sortied from Bikini Lagoon and took safe positions at least 10 nautical miles (18.5 kilometers) east of the atoll.
Operation Crossroads refers to the nuclear weapon tests that were conducted by the US at the Bikini Islands in 1946. The operation was put on to determine the effect of nuclear weapons on Navy ships. There were two detonations in Operation Crossroads, “ABLE”, and “BAKER”; both having yields of about 23 kilotons of TNT. There were originally supposed to be three detonations but the third was canceled because of the Navy could not decontaminate the target ships. The United States worked with the Bikini residents to evacuate the island. Bikini Island is still inhabited because of the radioactive contamination.
In essence, this was the world’s first nuclear disaster…
So what the author has done is take this actual event in history, and ask, “…what if a small crew of men accidentally got caught within the blast area; how would they react, knowing that they had to find a way to safety before the “BAKER BLAST” sealed their fates?” Or was it already too late for them? The author goes even deeper, by exploring each man as a person, then blending them together into a team trying to keep it together, knowing that they’ve got one shot at survival-trying to get off that little atoll before it was too late! It’s also a story of regrets, faith, and hope that caught me by surprise with the depth of emotion that each character showed as the story progressed. Sometimes I laughed, and at the end, it was genuinely painful reading that last sentence; I don’t know of too many men that could have been so brave, trust me. These men were truly heroes, and it’s a shame that guys like these aren’t around now.

JEMO was written by the author Stephen P. Robertson who is retired from being a Computer Science Professor and Consultant. The author is now a freelance producer.
For a fascinating glimpse into the past, and how some of our bravest warriors remain unnamed in our history books, this one’s a page-turner that won’t let you go until the last revelation! It’s fast-paced, and my advice is to hold on for the ride, or you might get washed overboard…
JEMO is in print at bookstores everywhere; ask for it by name, or you can download it instantly to your KINDLE or otherwise equipped smartphone, or e-reader.


Military veteran suicide rates soar in the USA

Veteran Suicide is the USA

War can be a terrible thing for many soldiers and veterans.  If you’re forced to kill somebody, it would impact you greatly for the rest of your life.  Thinking about the deceased and their family’s loss drives many soldiers to suicide every year.

Some studies show that suicide is one of the top leading deaths, especially for soldiers.  One study done with 266 Texas soldiers that served in Afghanistan and Iraq showed that 45 soldiers committed suicide.  The study showed that the veteran death rate was about 17% for the veterans as opposed to the national average of 3.6%.  The VA estimates that there’s an average of 18 veteran suicides every day.

These compelling numbers make it obvious that veteran death is a major situation in our country and that steps need to be taken to eliminate the issue.  President Barack Obama has been addressed with the issue and composed an executive order that the VA provide a list to soldiers for suicide prevention. This step obviously won’t stop soldiers from committing suicide but it’s a great step to reduce it.

One great way that veterans can cope with what they have seen and lives that they may have taken is to share their stories with others. Projects like allow veterans to share their civilian success stories with other soliders and veterans.

Get Your California Guard Card Quick

Get Your California Guard Card Quick

If you’re interested in working as a security guard in California, it can be very easy to obtain the necessary card online and quick.  Security guards are employed by private patrol operators to protect people, property, and to prevent theft.  Before becoming a security guard, there are necessary qualifications that you must have and obtain.

Security guards must have valid security guard registration or approval from the Bureau before they can work as a security guard in California.  There are a few other requirements as well.  You must be at least 18 years old to work as a security guard.  You also have to get a background check through the California Department of Justice (DOJ) and through the Federal Bureau of Investigations.  Along with that, you must complete a 40-hour course of required training.

The course training can easily be completed online.  A great place to get the necessary education needed is  The website is run by a former marine that served in MSG duty.  California Guard Card Online offers all of the necessary training you will need to get your guard card.  All you have to do after that is get fingerprinted and send your guard card application and you will be ready to get the guard job that you’ve been wanting!